AB Specialty Silicones Formal Statement

Final CSB Report Released

AB Specialty Silicones appreciates the vital role the CSB plays in driving for industry safety improvements – a mission we share. We are heartened that this report confirms what we’ve long known: that this was a tragic accident; that AB was in compliance with all regulatory and industrial standards for producing emulsions of reactive silicone fluids; and that If our double initial procedure had been followed, the accident almost certainly would have been prevented.

We also understand that the CSB is a non-regulatory body that uses its platform to advocate for industry-wide change, which we appreciate. That said, we are disappointed that the final report glossed over our extensive cooperation over the course of the two-year investigation; their own investigators’ endorsement of the findings of the independent investigation we commissioned into the cause of the accident; and the fact that AB has already implemented the recommendations made in this report.

The AB family will never forget the events of that tragic day, and we will continue to hold in our hearts the memories of the team members we lost. We will continue to honor their memory by adhering to best-in-industry safety practices, and by continuing to be a part of the Waukegan community that has supported us throughout this experience.