AB Specialty Silicones Selected as Dow's Authorized Distributor for OH Polymer to the ERC Market in the US and Canada

Waukegan, Illinois – November 16th, 2022 – AB Specialty Silicones is pleased to announce that they have been selected as Dow’s (NYSE: DOW) authorized distributor in the U.S. and Canada to support the Company’s business growth of OH functional silicone polymers in the elastomeric roof coating (ERC) market. Silicone ERCs are liquid-applied coatings that cure into a durable, highly-elastic waterproof membrane for flat or low-sloping roofs. Silicones offer excellent UV stability and resistance to ponding water, especially valued for White Reflective Roof coating applications.

“We are excited about this partnership,” said Mac Penman, General Manager, AB Specialty Silicones. “Our market knowledge, bulk storage capabilities, formulation and technical expertise will support Dow’s recent investment in silicone polymer. The combined core strengths within the partnership will add significant improvements to capacity, availability, and customer support, for manufacturers based in the US and Canada, who use OH functional silicone polymers in their elastomeric roof coating formulations.”

“Dow is striving for a more sustainable tomorrow,” said Jean-Paul Hautekeer, Global Strategic Marketing Director, Dow Building & Infrastructure. “Our investment in raw material capacity to support the silicone elastomeric roof coatings will increase availability to the market, allowing building owners to easily select durable silicone coatings with high reflectivity, reducing the energy used for cooling the building and urban heating effect. We are excited for the future this partnership will bring.”

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